A Question of Pop



Jamie Theakston


Team captains: Suggs and Noddy Holder (Tony Hadley in the pilot)


BBC 1, 2000-1


Not much we need to say about this really other than it's good because everyone likes music, it's a nice mixture of archive pop and modern pop and is, as the title may suggest, a music quiz along the well-honed lines of A Question of Sport.

All the rounds are the same as AQoS except some of the rounds have been retitled ('A Side B Side' instead of 'Home or Away'), the quick-fire buzzer round ends with a cymbal instead of a whistle, the set is a nice shade of blue... that's it really.

If there's one criticism we'll level at the programme it's that some of the questions are a little bit of a doddle even for pop ignoramuses like us, but we can't have Billie in tears can we?

Theakston gets more of a chance to cultivate his suave manner here than on other shows, which adds to the trademark Question Of... repartee between players and hosts. And anything that Suggs and Noddy Holder are in tends to be quite good anyway.

The 2001 season returned with new funkier graphics and set, although somehow that seemed to rip some of the soul out of the show. And is it us or is the script very lazy in places?


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