A Slice of the Action

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== Broadcast ==
== Broadcast ==
Carlton Food Network, 1999
Carlton Food Network, 22 February 1999 to 2000
== Synopsis ==
== Synopsis ==

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Paul Ross


Amanda Grant and Andrew Nutter (team captains)


Carlton Food Network, 22 February 1999 to 2000


Barely-seen madcap culinary quiz featuring weirdly sloped camera angles of teams, a scoring system involving fruit and a forfeit challenge for the losing team (which was blatantly rigged so that the team captain would fall for it).


File:Sliceoftheaction paulross.jpgPaul Ross
File:Sliceoftheaction team1.jpgWhat cowboy built that?
File:Sliceoftheaction team2.jpgA food show which induces nausea. No wonder it didn't get a second series.


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