A Word in Your Ear



Gordon Burns


The Family Channel, early to mid 90s

BBC, late 90s


Robohost Gordon Burns presided over male and female pairs of celebrities participating in five or so rounds of communication games.

One round involved providing a running commentary for a short film, which the partner had to memorise and answer questions upon; woe betide you if your commentary failed to contain the appropriate observational details.

Another frequently-used form is that one celebrity sees a photofit identity picture or an object made up from Lego-style building-bricks or ping-pong balls and pipe cleaners and has to describe how the various parts of the picture or object relate to one another. The other celebrity uses the description provided by their partner in order to try and replicate the original. Usually they don't, which is always good for a giggle.

We said it's called "A Word in Your..." - never mind.

Other rounds still involved the passing of emotions or adjectives by gesture and charade.

Pleasant celebrity jollity, revaling more than most shows do about your favourite domestic B-list stars' strengths, weaknesses and innermost thought processes. Usually reliable for a good giggle or two.


Created by Gordon Burns and Geoff Kershaw.


Several games later appeared in Relatively Speaking, a similar show between two pairs of civilians. They worked quite well there, too.


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