Bad Lads Army



Dennis Waterman (voiceover)


The main staff:

Corporal Richard Nauyokas

Corporal Joe Murray

Provost Sgt. Tim Weston

Sgt. Rae

Captain Dodds


Twenty Twenty for ITV1, 2002 to present


Reality show that began as an experiment to see if the youth of today could hack 1950s style national service, the first series was a success but subsequent series' have had a twist: now criminals sign themselves up to it to see if they can become better people.

Basically, it's army officers shouting at people for the best part of four weeks and seeing how our victims tolerate and deal with it and it's hugely entertaining. For the show's fourth series, Bad Lads Army Extreme, the show has adopted more of conventions of modern reality television.

The show has always traditionally split the group into two sections, red and blue, and competition has always been an element. This time round the show is rather more structured - the sections spend much of their time in each episode working towards a final challenge, the winning section of which gets to hold the "Pegasus Cup". Winning a challenge also means they get a reward. However losing a challenge means your section being punished whilst the others enjoy themselves - there are no prizes for second place.

The section which wins the most challenges gets do to a proper parachute jump at the end of the series.


"There are no prizes for second place..."

Theme music

We don't know, which is a shame because the theme is tremendous.

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