Beat the Chasers



Bradley Walsh


Anne Hegerty, Mark Labbett, Jenny Ryan, Paul Sinha, Shaun Wallace (as The Chasers)


Potato (an ITV Studios company) for ITV, 27 April 2020 to present


An excursion into primetime for ITV's biggest quiz.

C what we're doing here?

Our civilian contestant takes on an abbreviated "cashbuilder" round: each question's worth £1000, but they stop after they've got one wrong, or they've got five right. Get the first question wrong, and it's been a bit of a wasted journey.

But these are just the stakes. To win the money, the player will need to have to beat two or more Chasers in a head-to-heads contest.

Beat the Chasers The fab five gaze down from their eyrie.

Initially, the contestant is offered the money they earned from the cashbuilder, and can play against two Chasers. The Chasers will offer a certain head-start: the contestant always has 60 seconds, the Chasers might start at 40 seconds.

The choices come later: a third Chaser will offer more money, a different head-start, but it's an extra brain for the final. A fourth Chaser offers even more money, and the biggest reward comes from beating all five of 'em. The time the Chasers offer always rises: more time, more money.

Pick a combination of Chasers, money, and time.

Our player makes a decision, and the big-money chase is on.

In a nifty reversal of the usual format, while the solo contestant doesn't need a buzzer, the Chasers all need to ring in. Jenny Ryan told TV Times, "It's quite a learning curve. We thought it might be a bit easier than it actually was!"

Our player will answer questions while their clock ticks, and the clock will stop when they get a question right. Play then passes to the Chasers, whose clock will stop when they get a question right. The first team to run out of time loses.

Beat the Chasers There were some very big wins.

Each show contained five or six games; rinse and repeat until the hour is complete.

Beat the Chasers was louder, bolder, and brasher than its daytime counterpart. They'd chosen contestants with big personalities to match the Chasers, and with plenty of anecdotes for Bradley to bounce off.

Viewer reaction was positive, the show hooked 5 million viewers live on its first night, and kept them through the week.


Bernie Winters, the show's first contestant, would go on to set the lowest 15-round score in the history of Countdown.

The first series was recorded at Elstree Studios, while the second was recorded at LH2 Studios in West London.

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