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[[The Great British Test]]
[[The Great British Test]]
[[Guinness World Records|Guinness World Records Smashed]] (pilot)
[[Harry Potter at the Castle]]
[[Harry Potter at the Castle]]

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Dancing on Ice

The Great British Test

Harry Potter at the Castle

The Krypton Factor

1 vs 100


Soapstar Superstar

The National Lottery Big 7

Who Dares Sings!

The X Factor (ITV2 coverage)


Holder of a degree in Dance, Drama and Theatre Arts, Ben Shephard has progressed in a reasonably smooth manner from entertainment reporter through fanzine host to star of Saturday night telly. Well, "star" is maybe overstating it a bit. He's also the main male anchor of GMTV Today - and he's definitely proved himself as the new host of The Krypton Factor, a role that many may previously have reckoned could only ever be filled by Gordon Burns.


Shephard briefly held the world record for most pancake tosses in one minute - he set a mark of 108 on The Paul O'Grady Show on 23 February 2009, only for Aldo Zilli to make 117 flips on the following day's Blue Peter.

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