Bobby Davro




The Biggest Game in Town (stand-in)

Dancing on Ice (participant)

The Games (participant)

Public Enemy Number One

Run the Risk (Going Live!)

Winner Takes All

Your Face Sounds Familiar (participant)


After making his television debut in 1981, Bobby Davro got his first big break appearing on Live at Her Majesty's in 1983. He then presented Bobby Davro on the Box, a show that remained near the top of the ratings for six years.

After his brief sojourn in game show presenting, (Winner Takes All, Public Enemy Number One), Davro works as an after dinner speaker, at summer shows, and as a comedian (amongst other things). Beyond showbiz, he's also been very successful as a property developer.


His real name is Robert Nankeville.

He made a special appearance in Rainbow in 1987.

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