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|Ray Welford
|Ray Welford
|Cerys Edwards <!--- spelling of Cerys not known; correspondent says Kerris but I'd imagine Cerys sounds more likely --->

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Peter Jones


BBC Radio 2, 1 November? 1975 to 16 December 1989


Version of Brain of Britain for sports fans; nine heats, three semi-finals, one final, recorded in sports clubs across the nation. Hosted by sports commentator Peter Jones, and it did not return following his death.


1975 Patricia Arthur
1976 Paul Hewitt
1977 David Ball
1978 Julian Pincher
1979 Tony Shaw
1980 Arthur Palfreyman
1981 Derek Heys
1982 David Hesp
1984 Ray Welford
1985 Cerys Edwards
1986 Bob Stanley
1987 Andrew Young
1989 John Wilson


The question-setter for much of the show's run was Chris Rhys, who also wrote several tie-in quizbooks.


Michael Tuke-Hastings, who was also the programme's first producer.


There were at least two Brain of Sport quiz books.


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