Britain's Top Dog



Liza Tarbuck


Commentator: Stuart Hall


RDF Media for Channel 4, 2006


Canine competition in which dogs are tested in three disciplines: agility, scent-tracking and "doggy dancing" (or heelwork to music, as it's known to the cognoscenti). And at the end of the series, the winning dog gets a really big bone, or something.

The hour-long programme splits naturally into four parts: part one features footage of the regional auditions and short films introduing the contestants and their dogs (or if you prefer, the contestants and their owners), with each of the other three parts focusing on one of the three disciplines with footage of the training sessions followed by the actual event itself. (Well, near enough. Actually the spacing of the ad-breaks spoils the structure a little, but not to any great detriment.)

And that's it, really. About eight minutes of competition padded out to an hour, and aimed squarely at dog-lovers with nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon, not even taking the dog for a walk.


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