Can Do


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Jon Pertwee


Commentator: Bob Danvers-Walker


ABC Network in association wtih Ross Television, Saturday 5th July to 6th September 1958 (9 shows)


Billed, excitingly, as "a new entertainment" it's a little unclear what this entailed. Celebs were at the fore - that's for sure - and there were some doors in the background with the words CAN & DO on either side. The contestants had some task to perform after which they had to answer "Can do" or "No can do".


Aparently, the director's name was John Saturday which, apart from being mildly appropriate, amuses us greatly.

Performers included: Lonnie Donegan, Thomas Spencer of the Harlem Globetrotters, Fred Perry, Katie Boyle and Carry On star Bernard Bresslaw.

Theme music

George Clouston


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