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<div class="image">[[File:Carnalknowledge group.jpg]]''Eep.''</div>
<div class="image">[[File:Carnalknowledge group.jpg]]''Eep.''</div>
<div class="image">[[File:Carnal knowledge off2.jpg]]''[[Graham Norton]] and [[Maria McErlane]]''</div>
[[Category:Themed Quiz]]
[[Category:Themed Quiz]]
[[Category:Granada Productions]]
[[Category:Granada Productions]]

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Maria McErlane and Robert Llewellyn (broadcast pilot)

Maria McErlane and Graham Norton


Rapido TV/Granada for ITV (partly networked), 1996-7?


We've had game shows about pets, babies, and religion, so it only a matter of time before some bright spark thought up of a quiz about sex.

Only memorable round involved a blackboard where the couples had to draw their favourite "position", with points awarded of they matched, a la Mr and Mrs. There must have been other rounds because this thing lasted an hour!?

Winners would win a weekend away somewhere, losers would win a spuriously-shaped candle.

Why anyone would be a contestant on a show like this is beyond us.


Maria McErlane co-devised the show with the production company, Rapido TV.

Theme music

Simon Bass and Peter Stuart


Graham Norton got the host's role after being recommended by comedian Jeff Green. Green was originally offered the job but turned it down, saying it was too rude.


File:Carnalknowledge group.jpgEep.


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