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[[Marian Chanter]] (with Richard Madeley)
[[Marian Chanter]] (with Richard Madeley)
Voiceover: Charles Foster
Voiceover: [[Charles Foster]]
== Broadcast ==
== Broadcast ==

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Sue Robbie (original host)

Richard Madeley

Simon Potter


Marian Chanter (with Richard Madeley)

Voiceover: Charles Foster


ITV (Granada), 1985-90


Typical quiz in the ITV summer-replacement-for-Blockbusters-in-the-afternoon style. This one was about as vaguely entertaining and enjoyable as the rest. Two contestants (initially teens, adults in later series) buzz on a question, earn points, reveal picture, try and spot connection, win bonus. (This round was called 'Connect The Clue'). Also, in the Sue Robbie and Richard Madeley eras at least, there was a 'Find The Figure' round, in which a correct answer revealed either a number or a mathematical symbol: the sum went in a clockwise direction around the board, ending with an 'equals' sign, and the contestants had to buzz in to give the answer to the sum, which was concealed behind the centre square.

The winner went through to an end game ('Link The Letters') where they'd be given 45 seconds (represented by 45 lights beneath the game board that would gradually light up) they'd try an answer eight questions. If they got one right then one of the screens would reveal a letter (the first letter of the answer). After the eight questions whatever time they had left the contestant would use to try and find the mystery eight letter word, arranged clockwise, much more difficult with some of the letters missing and without knowing where the word started. They did change this in a later version of the show by having the eight letters arranged in circular form, but still without revealing where it actually started. Scarily. During the Sue Robbie era, the winners stayed on with the chance to play up to four 'Link The Letters' games to win prizes of increasing value, the top one usually being a worldwide holiday (rather like the Gold Runs on Blockbusters). During the Madeley- and Potter-eras, the game usually only served to increase the contestants' scores, rather than win them prizes.

During the Simon Potter era, the end game (by then known as 'The Final Connection') involved being given the first and last of eight pictures (normally of famous people) on the board, then, with the help of up to three clues, having to identify the next picture in the sequence, which would have a connection of some sort (such as a shared surname) with the pictures before and after it. (One example was: Tony Hancock; Sheila Hancock; John Thaw and so on until the final one, which was Sid James).

Noted for a set that looked quite hi-tech and very eighties. Quite cool actually.

The quiz always seemed to work better with student, rather than adult, contestants, and Sue Robbie was always the best presenter - somehow, neither Richard Madeley nor Simon Potter (Madeley in particular) ever seemed quite right for it.

Key moments

Good, tense end game.


Host Sue Robbie also did Saturday Morning show TX with Tony Slattery and was last seen doing insurance adverts with Bill Dod (of Timekeepers and Aldi fame).

Marian Chanter co-hosted in the year following her success on The Krypton Factor.

During the Sue Robbie-era, all contestants were given a 'Connections Camera' and the money that they won went to a charity of their choice. During the Richard Madeley-era, the contestants won a 'goody-bag', and the 'money for charity' arrangement continued. When Simon Potter took over, losing contestants would get a mini-TV and the winners would play for money in the end game - initially £1,000, later £400.

Bizarrely, a US pilot was shot for this in 2006.


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