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Good luck and hurry as places are going fast!
Good luck and hurry as places are going fast!
'''Deadline:''' 8th September 2013<br/>
'''Deadline:''' 13th September 2013 '''EXTENDED'''<br/>
'''Interview expenses paid?:''' No<br/>
'''Interview expenses paid?:''' No<br/>
'''Show expenses paid?:''' Yes<br/>
'''Show expenses paid?:''' Yes<br/>

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Want to be on TV to win lots of cash, have the holiday of a lifetime, test your knowledge, or generally make a prat of yourself? This is the page to help you do just that. See below for the current opportunities available.

PRODUCERS: If you wish to place an advert here, please refer to our Producer Information page.


Special calls

This section contains specific adverts placed by producers who have contacted this website. When applying for a programme, please let them know you saw their appeal on - thanks!


The brand new quiz show "Timeline" needs teams of two!

Family favourite and funny man Brian Conley hosts SKY’s brand new prime time quiz where ‘Time is Money’. Three teams of two compete against not only each other but an ever diminishing time limit in order to bank THOUSANDS OF POUNDS!

For a taste of what's to come try and tackle our Timeline Teaser..?

Please rearrange these TV puppets into the correct order of when they first appeared on British Television:

Basil Brush...Roland Rat...Zig & Zag...Sooty...Orville The Duck


Will time get on top of you? Will you muddle the minutes, manage the mayhem, mess up the miles or master the musicians?

You and your quiz partner will have to work as quickly - but accurately - as you can to piece together all kinds of marvellous yet monstrous Timelines in order to walk away with the money. Your quiz partner can be absolutely anyone you know so long as both of you are over the age of 18 years old.

We are looking for contestant pairs from the South East of England who think they have what takes to take on the Timelines and bank lots of cash.

All you have to do is email us at and you will receive an auto response with an application form attached. Fill it in and send it back to us... and we will reveal the answers to our Timeline teaser!

Good luck and hurry as places are going fast!

Deadline: 13th September 2013 EXTENDED
Interview expenses paid?: No
Show expenses paid?: Yes
Interview cities: London only.

Only Connect

The popular BBC Four quiz hosted by Victoria Coren returns for a 9th and 10th series in 2014!

It's the quiz where, as in life itself, knowledge will only take you so far: patience and lateral thinking are also vital. It’s all about making connections between things which may appear, at first glance, not to be connected at all.

We’re looking for teams of three players who share a common passion, ability or profession, to pool their combined wits to solve fiendish conundrums and vexing puzzles.

To request an application please email including a contact name and number. The closing date for applications is 4th October 2013, so get them in as soon as possible.

If you applied for a previous series, but were unsuccessful, you are welcome to apply again for the new series. Auditions will be held in regional centres across the UK. All applicants must be aged 18+ and U.K. Residents.

Deadline: 4th October 2013
Interview expenses paid?: No
Show expenses paid?: Yes
Interview cities: Around the UK

General information

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This is a list of other programmes which we believe are currently looking for contestants. When applying, it is usually necessary to include details of: your name, address, age, sex, daytime and evening telephone numbers, fax or email (if appropriate), and the name of the show you are applying for.


A general email address for contestants enquiries for BBC ONLY entertainment programmes is:

Contestant calls are posted at

There is also a separate CBBC "Be on a show" page.


Specific contestant calls are regularly posted at

Bargain Hunt:

Fill in the online application form or write to:

Contestant Applications
Bargain Hunt
PO Box 229
BS99 7JN 


The application form for Countdown is now available online (Microsoft Word format only).

Alternatively, you can get a form sent to you by emailing or writing to:

The Television Centre
West Yorkshire

For audience tickets, call 0161 9520408 or email

Deal or No Deal:

Visit to be notified when applications are accepted.


Visit to fill out an application form online.

Alternatively you can email:


The online application form is available for a few months a year.


Prospective contenders can fill in the online application form or write to:

Room 4012
New Broadcasting House
Oxford Road
M60 1SJ


Pairs of players will wish to download the application form (MS Word), or write to:

Pointless Applications
Endemol UK
Shepherd's Building Central
Charecroft Way
W14 0EE

University Challenge:


Only teams from degree-issuing institutions may apply.

For audience tickets, call 0161 9520408 or email

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?:

If applications ever re-open, we can be sure they'll be at the ITV Millionaire site.

Application details are provided as a service to readers, but please note that all contestant enquiries should be directed to the named production company and not to Addresses can be found on our list of contact details for production companies.

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