Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow



Dick & Dom


Melvin O'Doom, Ian Kirkby, Lee Barnett (as the Prize Idiot), Dave Chapman as various characters, Steven Ryde (producer/Bogies commentator)


CBBC, 31 August 2002 to 11 March 2006

BBC One, 20 September 2003 to 17 December 2005

BBC Two, 7 January 2006 to 11 March 2006


This is a game show that is a totally new format. There are no bits nicked from other shows, probably due to the fact that no other shows revolve around bodily functions. Six kids visit "Da Bungalow" and play games to win Bungalow points and prizes.

Games include:

Bogies Dick and Dom try to shout the word Bogies louder than the other in a random place.

Creamy Muck Muck Kids throw slop all over each other. Normally has a theme - on one occasion it was Hard Spell, but renamed Muck Spell.

Eenymeenymackerackararidominackashickapoppadickapoppoompomstick Dick and Dom stick faces on to the back of people's clothes without them noticing. The intellectual equivalent of Britney Spears.

There are lots of others, changed frequently, but those are the most famous.

This adds up to a "funny" (cough) show.

Key moments

The aforementioned Creamy Muck Muck, where Dick and Dom get more involved than the kids do.

The episode where they had a fire alert and had to stop transmitting.

A caller named Charlie Nunley rang the show to play one of the games but wasn't on the right channel.

By the time "Digital Switchover" happens, he would know what the CBBC Channel is.



Bungalow points win prizes!

GOGOGO! (in Creamy Muck Muck)


Some of the shows feature cult celebrities in the background, including on one occasion Knightmare's Hugo Myatt.

The first two series were broadcast only on the CBBC Channel with a Saturday edition and a Sunday edition. From Series 3 to the first half of series 5, the Saturday shows were simulcast on BBC One and the CBBC Channel, with the Sunday episodes remaining on the CBBC Channel only. The second half of series 5 was moved to BBC Two.


The final closing moments from the last ever show.


The Dirty Norris Files (video) | (DVD)

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