Don't Quote Me

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== Broadcast ==
== Broadcast ==
Open Media for C4, 1989
Open Media for Channel 4, 4 June to 22 October 1990
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[[Category:Panel Game]]
[[Category:Panel Game]]
[[Category:Channel 4 Programmes]]

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Geoffrey Perkins


Open Media for Channel 4, 4 June to 22 October 1990


Quotation quiz with a high-level concept of using things that some people might have preferred to have forgotten about - things like Margaret Thatcher's famous "I doubt there will be a female Prime Minister in my lifetime."

Notable for the closing line: "We'll be back next year with a new series ... but don't quote me." (It wasn't recommissioned - see below.)


Justin Scroggie and David Britland


Was commissioned for an extraordinarily long 20-show run, which exhausted the production team and probably killed off any hopes of a returning series.


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