Don't Scream



Yung Filly


Maverick Television for BBC Three, 16 January 2020


Three best mates go on "the ultimate physical and psychological ride". The BBC Press Office said:

Guided by Yung Filly (from BBC3's Hot Property), the trio will start with £5,000 in prize money. In order to keep it, they complete a night's shift in the workplace from hell - a creepy, disused shopping centre, rigged with shocks, scares and surprises to test even the hardest of the hard. But here's the kicker… every time they scream, they lose £100 from the jackpot.
Don't Scream is a hair-raising experience with only one rule: stay cool to keep the cash.


This was a horror-themed pilot, put up on the BBC3 website in mid-January. It had the working title of Hush Money.


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