Robert Gladwell (original host)

Jimmy Handley

Shaw Taylor


ATV for ITV, 13 September 1958 to 23 June 1960


A quiz programme based on dot-to-dot pictures containing 50 dots. Two contestants raced to guess the famous face to win the round, winning a fiver for each dot not used.


The first contestant was introduced as "Jacqueline Evans, actress, dress-designer, horsewoman and racing motorist, who was married to a top Mexican bullfighter." Gladwell could only say "Well, that sounds like a very colourful career". Quite.

Gladwell welcomes Dotto's very first contestant

The lines were drawn in by a team of technicians who joined up the dots by hand.

Dotto was Shaw Taylor's first big hit on TV. In 1958, it was watched by 4.9 million homes, and was the most popular programme that year.


Picture 1 - Original host, Robert Gladwell.
Image:Dotto host and contestants.jpg Picture 2 - This pair wrestle live alligators in their spare time. No, that was a lie.
Picture 3 - A round in progress.


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