Draft list of competition series

A draft list of competition series which we might/may/could/should add into the index at some point. Details from BBC Infax Database:

Other possibilities:

  • All those disco dancing competitions they used to have - I think I discounted them on the basis that they were more like things the BBC just turned up and shot, rather than something they instigated or part-coordinated themselves. Otherwise we'd have to include stuff like the FA Cup in the site also. - DJB
  • Young Musician of the Year
  • Cardiff Singer of the World
  • Saturday Superstore Search for a Superstar... maybe we should expand the scope of Good Game Guide 11 DJ Games to include inserts on TV shows as well. We don't have anywhere suitable for You Say, We Pay yet. Hmm, maybe this is where we ought to draw a line and forget about this kind of thing. Otherwise we need 200 entries for the Big Breakfast alone? - DJB
  • Do we count Miss World and various other regional beauty paegents? If so, Tim Vincent hosted it in 2005, Peter Marshall hosted it in the eighties, and I've no idea for any other period.

...and that's all, actually. Was expecting more than that. That means we now cover everything in their database for the COMPETITION PROGRAMMES (PROGRAMME FORMAT) tag.

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