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[[Meet the Parents (1)|Meet the Parents]] (voiceover)
[[Meet the Parents (1)|Meet the Parents]] (voiceover)
[[Techno Games]] (co-host)
[[Techno Games]] (reporter)
[[Temptation Island (UK)]]
[[Temptation Island (UK)]]

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Bamboozle (judge)

Bare Necessities

Crazy Drivers

The Farm

Meet the Parents (voiceover)

Techno Games (reporter)

Temptation Island (UK)

Win, Lose or Draw Late (team captain)



Wry presenter whose finest hour was arguably presenting Bare Necessities with aplomb for BBC 2. Various presenting and voiceover roles have followed.


He was one of the inventors of Banzai's infamous "Mr. Shake Hands Man".

Appeared in a 2002 film called Tug of War as a bus driver. Although with Jo Guest co-starring in the demanding role of 'Sexy Neighbour', we don't blame him.


c/o Vivienne Clore agency (link below)

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Vivienne Clore agency page

Internet Movie Database entry


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