Eleri Sion

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[[Bwlletin]] (team captain)
[[Bwlletin]] (team captain)
[[Cadair Fawr Eleri Sion]]
[[Can i Gymru]]
[[Can i Gymru]]
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== Biography ==
== Biography ==

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Bwlletin (team captain)

Cadair Fawr Eleri Sion

Can i Gymru


Y Briodas Fawr


If you listen or tune into Welsh language media, there's a fair chance you'll have heard of this woman. She began her career in the early 90s as a singer and presenter of children's programming at S4C, before branching out to sport and entertainment shows such as Wawffactor.

She's also established herself as Radio Cymru's Queen of Sport, hosting the Saturday afternoon show, Camp Lawn and anchoring sports bulletins on weekday mornings. Eleri has also worked behind-the-scenes with Sky on its darts and pool coverage.

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BBC Cymru profile (in Welsh)


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