Kerry McFadden (nee Katona)


Warner Bros. Television/Carlton for ITV1 and ITV2, 2002


Kerry McFadden (famous for quitting Atomic Kitten just before they became cool and for being Mrs Bryan Westlife) tries to help others find true love through the power of elimination. Four males go after one female and four females go after one male. They all go out on a date somewhere. Every couple of hours the date has to choose one person to be eliminated until there is only one left who gets to go out some more, and then they inevitably split up.

The host's catchy spunkiness and groaning bikinis [should that be the other way around? - Ed] don't make up for her more than evident inexperience in front of the camera.

This show is soooo good it got taken off ITV1 after six episodes. Maybe it'd have worked on Sky One something, but it's not an ITV kinda show.


Based on a US format.


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