Mairi McHaffie & Steve McKenna (also Gordon Inglis in 1993)

Sarah Cawood


BBC2, 25 July 1993 to 24 June 1996

BBC One, 7 October 2000 to 15 September 2001 (Live and Kicking insert)


The guy in the opening sequence explains the game perfectly well. You see a story and have to decide if what you're being told is FOT... False! Or! True!

In 2000, this was brought back for a revamp with Sarah Cawood wearing a silly question-mark headband. Two contestants played three rounds of False or True questions, ending in the 45 second mad dash for points that happens so often when the production team can't think of anything better.

As a game show, this was pretty rubbish. As filler, it wasn't too bad.


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