Fast Friends



Les Dawson


BBC 1, 1991


They're friends! They're fast! They're Fast Friends!

Thankfully, it's not a Formula One race where the participants are the cast of the obviously hilarious American comedy Friends but a game show with Les Dawson in it. Two teams of thirty people are in their little dens with their team captains on stage.

Each captain has got thirty seconds in order to select which four people are going to be in their team. The catch is, the captain has got to split the thirty seconds into four different time limits and must choose which friend will answer the question. If they're wrong, they'll have to select someone else. Quickly. If they do it within the time limit that friend gets to be on the team.

One amusing moment occurred on the show when a 'friend' was asked a question concerning a famous pianist. One of her three options was 'Les Dawson', so she said kindly, "Well, I'd like to say you, Les, but...", only for the adjudicator to accept that as her (incorrect) answer. Fortunately, once she had pointed out that she had meant to give a different answer, she was allowed to try again and thus got it right!


(to 'friends' who gave incorrect answers): "Alas - begone - off to the dump dock!"

"You've won a 'Fast Friends' address book!" (obviously a take on Blankety Blank)


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