Finders Keepers (1)



Richard Stilgoe


BBC 1, 20 February 1981 to 1 March 1985 (42 episodes in 5 series)


General lyricist/wit/reporter bod Stilgoe hosts this game of battleships on a 7x7 grid with two sides of three kids each trying to sink each other's fleet. Noted for its BBC Model B graphics for the game board, as well as the constant use of the phonetic alphabet to avoid confusion between letters.

In later series, there was a celebrity guest in disguise in the audience, with his/her name given as an anagram (one of Richard Stilgoe's specialities!) and the teams had to guess who it was by solving the anagram and/or asking the person yes/no questions. The teams also tried to defeat the guest on a general knowledge question they had brought along in order to gain extra points.

In the last series, there were also 'Pathetic Prizes' - as Richard Stilgoe rightly called them. Winning teams simply got lunchboxes! (Eat your heart out, 'Blankety Blank'!)

We're sure there must have been a bit more to it than that. Mustn't there?


Stilgoe used to make up a witty song every week to introduce each contestant in turn, in between renditions of the main theme song.


"Foxtrot seven"

Theme music

Performed by Stilgoe himself at the start, tapping away at a slimline synthesizer:

Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers
Finders Keepers, Where's that square?
Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers
Buzz the bleepers to find that square.
Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Roger and out!


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