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== Host ==
== Host ==
[[Justin Lee Collins]] (unbroadcast pilots)
[[Jason Manford]]
[[Jason Manford]]

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Justin Lee Collins (unbroadcast pilots)

Jason Manford


Zeppotron (part of EndemolShine) for BBC One, 4 January 2020 to present


Three press releases floated across our desk. Here's what the second one said:

Jason Manford is to front a brand-new, primetime comedy gameshow for BBC One with one very simple rule: don’t come first or last.
First And Last, which is being produced by Zeppotron (part of Endemol Shine UK), is a brand new six-part series that will put contestants through a succession of ingenious rounds, all of which have one golden rule - players mustn’t come first or last in any game. If they do, they will be eliminated.
Eleven players start each show and compete across a range of downright daft, stupidly funny, play-along-at-home games that will see one of them leave with a cash prize of up to £10,000. To win, they’ll need to judge every round to perfection and hold their nerve in the nail-biting endgame.

This programme has not yet aired. A full review will appear here after broadcast.

Key moments

The six seconds or so the eleventh contestant to jump out of their box gets on screen.

The episode where five out of nine contestants spelled the name of their celebrity incorrectly in Trawl of Fame, spelling their names as Louie Walsh to Holly Wilabey, Jorga Smith, Danial Radcliffe and Robert D'Nero.


First piloted in 2006 with Justin Lee Collins.


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