Five Minutes to a Fortune



Davina McCall


Gideon Turner (voiceover)


Victory Television for Channel 4, 6 April 2013 to present


Pairs of people play short, snappy games - many involving mental agility. They have five minutes for the first five games before money starts to drain out of a massive eggtimer, seeded with £50,000 (£100,000 in the celebrity versions). One final challenge requires a list to be completed before the team wins anything left.

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Devised by Stuart Shawcross

Theme music

Nick Foster and Ken Bolam composed a full score.


The show was played by members of the public during the week, and by celebrities on Saturdays.

The massive hourglass prop, and the rest of the studio set, was devised by the aptly-named Huge Designs company.

Web links

Official site

Wikipedia entry

Reports from the first series taping at Bother's Bar.


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