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Long-serving South-of-England ITV newsreader whose willingness to send himself up has made him something of a cult figure. In the 1970s he was a sports presenter, including fronting coverage of the 1972 Olympics.

Perhaps best known for the kids' non-quiz shows How and How 2, but he's turned up in all sorts of improbable places - even on the BBC. Back home in the South he still presents Meridian Tonight.


He is very keen on football, and is a director of Portsmouth FC.

He was the Kray Twins' official biographer.

Techno twiddlers Orbital used a sample of him reading a report of a supposed alien abduction on their track "LC1".

He was the co-presenter to Dickie Davies on ITV's World of Sport.

He is the only presenter of ITV in the South of England to have anchored all of the flagship regional news programmes - Day By Day (Southern - as sports editor), Coast To Coast (TVS) and today, Meridian Tonight.

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