Gilbert Harding

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== Shows ==
== Shows ==
[[Ask Your Dad]] (pilot)
[[False Evidence]]
[[False Evidence]]

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Ask Your Dad (pilot)

False Evidence

One Minute Please (regular guest)

Round Britain Quiz

Twenty Questions

What's My Line? (host for first show only, then panellist)


Grumpy actor who was both loved and loathed in equal measure in the same way that, say, Anne Robinson is today. Through appearances on panel games such as What's My Line?, millions of viewers tuned in to see his outbursts as he was frequently overtly rude to hosts, guests, panellists and even his producers.

In 1960, he gave an emotional interview on Face to Face, where - in tears - he openly declared how much he hated being a TV celebrity for no good reason. He died of a heart attack two months later.


He had to be sacked by the Twenty Questions producer, Ian Messiter, after he was drunk on the show.

Suspected as a homosexual but he never "came out", particularly as such a thing was illegal in those days.


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