Emma Willis


Studio Lambert for ITV2, 26 September 2012 to present


Three single women looking for love move into a mansion, where they invite 100 single men (in two batches of 50) to attempt to woo them. They only have a few minutes to impress the women, and each woman can only pick six men to take forward into the next stage of the competition, the dates. Each women then dates each of their chosen dates, with the men picking the location in a further attempt to impress. Afterwards the women can dump the dates they didn't click with. The remaining men then progress to the next stage, where, after more of them are cast aside, the women then make their final choice of who they want to go out with - if anyone.

This programme has not yet aired. A full review will appear here after broadcast.


Based on the Israeli series Three created by Keshet Broadcasting Ltd.


Originally announced as Three, before changing to the slightly more helpful name of Girlfri3nds.


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