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[[Cwis Pop C2]]
[[Cwis Pop C2]]
[[Y Briodas Fawr]] (participant)
== Biography ==
== Biography ==

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Big Brother (contestant)

Cwis Pop C2

Y Briodas Fawr (participant)


Previously a swimming pool lifeguard from Blaneau Ffestiniog, Glyn is a "young North Wales celebrity and icon from popular TV's Big Brother" according to a Conwy County Council leaflet we've just found. Glyn was the young shy Celtic one from Big Brother 7 who went on a journey (as apparently do all young Celtic blokes who go on Big Brother) and finished as the runner up. Took a year out before going to Bangor University to start a media career, although since he is now a regular presenter with BBC Radio Cymru, we suspect he may not bother now.

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