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Jennie Bond


Judges: Matthew Fort, Prue Leith and Oliver Peyton


Optomen for BBC Two, 2006


14 top chefs compete for the honour of producing a menu for the Queen's 80th birthday bash. There are seven regional heats, each of which unfolds over five weekday programmes (starters, fish, mains, desserts and judging day). The seven winning menus go forward to a public vote at the end of the series. The two chefs in each heat work on opposite sides of the same kitchen, giving them the opportunity to engage in crosstalk as they cook, and there are also filmed inserts going into how the chefs come up with their dishes and source their ingredients.

We can't honestly say it floats our boat, particularly as the only payoff on Monday to Thursday is the chefs tasting each other's dishes, which is a bit limp. This makes these programmes essentially redundant since all the judging is done on Friday. Nevertheless, it should fill a gap for the foodies missing Masterchef Goes Large.


Clearly there's some jiggery pokery with the editing as it seems like Jennie Bond only has one outfit for most of the week. More like they test all the dishes one day and cook for real the next.

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