Hollywood or Bust



Bruce Forsyth


Thames in association with Sunset + Vine for ITV, 10 April to 15 May 1984 (6 episodes in 1 series)


Show in which contestants re-enacted scenes from classic movies. The shows were based on the 'play' at the end of the Generation Game.

Volunteers from the audience "auditioned" for the lead male and female roles of the specific film. These "auditions" involved reading from autocues that were written to make it look like you were reading it wrong. The men would be auditioned first, and a winner selected, then the whole process was repeated for the women. After that, there was an in-character interview with Brucie and finally the play/scene from the film in question.

6 episodes were made as 1 series by Thames TV at Teddington Studios. A second series wasn't made because of a rights issue with the owners of the format, apparently.

Reader Steve Harcus, who filled us in on the format, also says:

I auditioned for Clark Gable as Rhett Butler in Gone Wth The Wind and won. Kenny Lynch was the Guest Star in this particular episode. As a contestant you were there to be a stooge for Brucie, but it was very good fun. The prize - a weekend in Rome, with spending money, plus an Oscar like Brucie (I have 1 of 12 that were awarded).


Each episode was themed around a different movie. The films featured were The King and I, El Cid, Gone With the Wind, Robin Hood, '"The Western" (presumably that's the entire genre) and Tarzan.


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