I'll Get This



No host, no voiceover


12 Yard and BBC Scotland for BBC Two, 6 November 2018 to present

as I'll Get This - Extra Helpings: BBC Two, 12 May 2019 to present


Five celebrities go out for dinner at an expensive restaurant. Each brings their credit card, and puts it in the middle of the table.

After each course, the celebs play a "fun and revealing" game. The winner removes their card from the middle. Whoever's card is left is paying for the meal.

I'll Get This Vanessa Feltz reads the first challenge.

I'll Get This turns out to be a very chatty show, everything is done by words, the stars of the show are the wagging tongues of the diners. All the games are verbal, no one so much as stands up, though there may be stunts with water or mints.

The games are as much miss as hit. One round asks the team to answer a personal question, with the challenge being to guess the question from the answer. "Fourteen, on a school trip to Bognor Regis" - first kiss? First night away from parents? Intriguing, and there are anecdotes to tell - but we wouldn't see them until Extra Helpings came out months later.

"Get a friend to text you the word 'caravan' without using that word" is one challenge: six months later, Stephen Mulhern's In for a Penny will set the same challenge and have a very different fun.

The players are trusted to run their own games, there's no Voice of Dinner telling them what's right and wrong. The shot direction is lovely, they've clearly thought about their angles and worked on the close-ups. The effect is glossy and upmarket, the show looks as expensive as the restaurant.

We found I'll Get This to be an entertaining programme, its strength is in some very strong casting rather than the challenges. We didn't expect to see Griff Rhys Jones and Scarlett Moffatt on the same show, but they made great entertainment together.

I'll Get This Griff raises a glass to the company.

Key moments

Rob Beckett suggesting that you could borrow up to £1,000 without giving it back and being nastily admonished by Harry Redknapp.

Maura Higgins photoshopping Les Dennis on to a copy of All Star Family Fortunes' board game, handing it to Dennis during the Christmas special (which called for the participants to buy each other presents), and claiming "I'm young, so I only know Vernon" - despite the fact that new episodes featuring Dennis were going out as late as December 2002, when she was 12, and that a board game with Dennis on the front had been released that year. Ouch!


The first series was shown as a 30-minute programme at 10 pm. Almost six months later, an extended (45-minute) show went out. This distance was reduced to five days for the Christmas special and completely abolished for the second series as first-run editions ran for 45 minutes.

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