(BBC Genome suggests that the BFI is right and that this show *did* begin on 27 April 1964. The 17th, incidentally, was four days before BBC2's official launch)
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== Broadcast ==
== Broadcast ==
BBC2, 17 April to 15 June 1964  
BBC2, 27 April to 15 June 1964  
<!--BFI has this down as 27 April, which is a typo.-->

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"Boss Man": Jeremy Hawk


Regular panellists: Anne Cunningham, Betty Impey, Lance Percival, Peter Reeves, Victor Spinetti

Music: John Barry


BBC2, 27 April to 15 June 1964


Improvisation game, effectively an early version of Whose Line is it Anyway?. Characters, situations and lines were provided on cards handed out by the "boss man" Jeremy Hawk.

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David Croft, who also produced the show.


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