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|[[Five Go Dating|5 Go Dating]]
|[[Five Go Dating|5 Go Dating]]
|[[500 Questions]]
|Quiz, general knowledge
|[[Five Minutes to a Fortune|5 Minutes to a Fortune]]
|[[Five Minutes to a Fortune|5 Minutes to a Fortune]]
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|[[5-Star Family Reunion]]
|[[5-Star Family Reunion]]
|General knowledge quiz
|Quiz, general knowledge
|[[6 Degrees of Separation]]
|[[6 Degrees of Separation]]

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The number... 433 was the perfect score on Fifteen-to-One. Despite a few near-misses, it was only ever achieved once in the entire run of the show.


Title Genre
0 Ond 1 Quiz, travel, regional (Wales)
10 Jonathan Sports
10 Mile Menu Lifestyle
100 Grand in 100 Minutes Radio, lifestyle
100 o Blant Regional (Wales), family
1000 Heartbeats Quiz, general knowledge
1000 to 1 Quiz, general knowledge
1001 Things You Should Know Quiz, general knowledge
100% Quiz, general knowledge
101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow Family game show
15-to-1 Quiz, general knowledge
1 2 Stri Academic quiz
1-2-3 Click Panel game
1 vs 100 Quiz, general knowledge
180 Sports
19 Keys Quiz, general knowledge
2000 to 1 Quiz, general knowledge
The 21st Question Quiz, general knowledge
24 Hour Panel People Comedy panel game, webcast
24 Hour Quiz Quiz, general knowledge
24 Hours to Go Broke Travel
29 Minutes of Fame Comedy panel game
The 3rd Degree Radio, academic quiz
3-2-1 Family game show
3G Boss Business
31 Days in May Radio, phone-in
50/50 Childrens
5 Go Dating Dating
500 Questions Quiz, general knowledge
5 Minutes to a Fortune Mental agility
5-Star Family Reunion Quiz, general knowledge
6 Degrees of Separation Science panel game
The 64,000 Question Quiz, general knowledge
The 64,000 Dollar Question Quiz, general knowledge
71 Degrees North Action/adventure
The 78 Show Radio panel game, music
8 Out of 10 Cats Comedy panel game
8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown Comedy panel game, puzzle
9 Live Quiz TV Puzzle
The 1970s Office Reality
The 99p Challenge Radio, comedy panel game
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