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|Quiz, general knowledge
|Quiz, general knowledge
|[[8 Out Of 10 Cats]]
|[[8 Out of 10 Cats]]
|Comedy panel game
|Comedy panel game

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The number... 208 was the wavelength of Radio Luxembourg. Several of ITV's early hits originated on the European station, including Double Your Money, Take Your Pick and People are Funny.


Title Genre
100% Quiz, general knowledge
15-to-1 Quiz, general knowledge
1 vs 100 Quiz, general knowledge
2000 to 1 Quiz, general knowledge
29 Minutes of Fame Comedy panel game
3-2-1 Family game show
50/50 Childrens
5 Go Dating Dating
The 64,000 Question Quiz, general knowledge
The 64,000 Dollar Question Quiz, general knowledge
8 Out of 10 Cats Comedy panel game
The 8:15 from Manchester Childrens (see: The Wetter the Better)
9 Live Quiz TV Puzzle
The 1970s Office Reality
The 99p Challenge Radio, comedy panel game
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