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|Quiz, general knowledge
|Quiz, general knowledge
|[[8 Out Of 10 Cats]]
|[[8 Out of 10 Cats]]
|Comedy panel game
|Comedy panel game

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The number... 75 is the record for consecutive wins by a British game show contestant, achieved by Ian Lygo on 100%. It's believed that this is a world record, very nearly matched by the 74 wins of Ken Jennings on the US version of Jeopardy!


Title Genre
100% Quiz, general knowledge
15-to-1 Quiz, general knowledge
1 vs 100 Quiz, general knowledge
2000 to 1 Quiz, general knowledge
29 Minutes of Fame Comedy panel game
3-2-1 Family game show
50/50 Childrens
5 Go Dating Dating
The 64,000 Question Quiz, general knowledge
The 64,000 Dollar Question Quiz, general knowledge
8 Out of 10 Cats Comedy panel game
The 8:15 from Manchester Childrens (see: The Wetter the Better)
9 Live Quiz TV Puzzle
The 1970s Office Reality
The 99p Challenge Radio, comedy panel game
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