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(Many apologies, it appears that ''The Alphabet Quiz'' is the same as ''X-Y-Z'')
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|[[The Alphabet Game]]
|[[The Alphabet Game]]
|Panel game
|Panel game
|[[The Alphabet Quiz]]
|Quiz, general knowledge
|[[Amoebas to Zebras]]
|[[Amoebas to Zebras]]

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A is for... Anticlimax - The realisation by viewers that a certain outcome is inevitable well before the game has ended. This can also occur if the jeopardy in a game is not high enough, leading to the viewer not caring about the result either way.


Title Genre
The ABC Quiz Radio quiz, general knowledge
Abracadabra Quiz, general knowledge
Absolute Cobblers Panel game
The Adventure Game Action/adventure
The Adventures of Captain Zeelig Childrens
The Agents Childrens
Air an Spot Regional (Scotland) quiz, themed (sports)
Alan Carr's Celebrity Ding Dong Comedy panel game
Alien Universe Challenge Quiz, themed (science fiction)
All About You
All Clued Up Puzzle
All in the Game Sports
All in the Mind Puzzle
All Mixed Up Puzzle
The All New Alphabet Game Comedy panel game
All or Nothing Children's
All Over the Shop Quiz, themed (consumer)
All Rise for Julian Clary
All Star Cup Sports
All Star Family Fortunes Family game show
All Star Poker Challenge Sports
All Star Secrets Panel game
The All Star Talent Show Variety, stunt/dare show
All the Way from Memphis Radio, comedy panel game (music)
The Alphabet Game Panel game
Amoebas to Zebras Quiz, themed (natural history)
And I'm the Queen of Sheba Radio panel game
And Then You Die Comedy panel game, themed (life)
And This is Them Radio panel game
Animal Fanatics Regional (Scotland), childrens
The Animal Game Quiz, themed (animals)
Animal, Vegetable, Mineral Panel game
Annually Retentive Comedy panel game (spoof)
The Answer Lies in the Soil Quiz, themed (gardening)
Answers Please Quiz, themed (current affairs)
Ant and Dec's Gameshow Marathon Family game show
Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway Variety
Anthea Turner: Perfect Housewife Lifestyle
Any Dream Will Do Variety, reality
Anything for Money
Anything Goes Family game show
Anything You Can Cook... Lifestyle
Anything You Can Do Childrens
Aon Dha Stri Academic quiz, regional (Scotland)
The Apprentice Reality
Are You Sitting Comfortably Radio, themed quiz (nostalgia)
Are You Smarter Than a 10 Year Old? Quiz
Around the World in 80 Seconds Childrens
Art School Lifestyle
Arty Facts Quiz, themed (arts)
Ask Me Another Panel game
Ask No Questions Panel game
Ask the Family Quiz, general knowledge
Ask Your Dad Childrens
The Auction Game Panel game
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