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C is for... Call My Bluff - This show enjoyed not one but two lengthy runs, totalling 34 years on our screens. In contrast, the original US version lasted just one season before being cancelled.


Title Genre
Cabbages and Kings Panel game
Cadair Fawr Eleri Sion Chat, variety, regional (Wales)
Caledonia MacBrains Comedy panel game
Calendar Commentary Christmas Quiz Politics, regional (YTV region)
Call My Bluff Panel game
Call the Tune Radio, panel game
Camau Cantamil Childrens
Camp Orange Childrens, Action/adventure
Campyfan Childrens, Educational
Can Do Stunt/dare show
Can i Gymru Variety, regional (Wales)
Cannon and Ball's Casino Family game show
Can't Cook, Won't Cook Lifestyle
Can't Sing Singers Variety
Cant y Cant Sport, regional (Wales)
Can We Still be Friends? Dating show
Car Booty Lifestyle
Car Duels Action/adventure
Car Hunt Lifestyle
Car Sharks Lifestyle
Cardiff Singer of the World Variety
Carnal Knowledge Quiz, themed (sex)
Captain Zep - Space Detective Childrens
Carnival Time Variety, regional (Anglia)
The Carrot or the Stick Reality
Carry On Campus Quiz, academic
Casa Dudley Cookery, regional (Wales)
Casino Casino
Cash Cab Quiz, general knowledge
Cash Call Radio, puzzle
Cash Lounge Puzzle
Casting Couch Comedy panel game (celebrity gossip)
Catchphrase Puzzle
Catchword Puzzle
Catering Challenge Lifestyle
Caught in the Act
CCTV Stunt/dare show
CelebAir Reality (celebrities)
Celebrities Under Pressure Family game show
Celebrity Addicts Quiz, themed (celebrities)
Celebrity Challenge
Celebrity Ding Dong Comedy panel game
Celebrity Fit Club Lifestyle
Celebrity Five Go to... Lifestyle, reality
The Celebrity Game
Celebrity Gossip Panel game, radio
Celebrity Juice Comedy panel game (celebrity)
Celebrity Love Island Reality
Celebrity Masterchef Lifestyle
Celebrity Mastermind Quiz, general knowledge
Celebrity Poker Club Sports
Celebrity Pressure Cooker Lifestyle
Celebrity Ready Steady Cook Lifestyle
Celebrity Scissorhands Reality
Celebrity Spelling Bee Quiz, themed (spelinge)
Celebrity Squares Family game show
Celebrity Wrestling Sports, reality
Centenary Rugby Quiz Regional (Wales), themed quiz (rugby)
Cerdyn Post Regional (Wales), Quiz, themed (travel)
Chained Dating show
Chain Letters Puzzle
The Chair Quiz, general knowledge
The Challenge
Challenge Anneka Action/adventure
Challenge of a Lifetime Stunt/dare show
Challenge of the Sexes Sport
Challenge of the South Quiz, general knowledge
Challenge Trophy Regional (Anglia), Academic quiz
Championship Gaming Series Technological
Chances Fair and Choosers True Panel game
Change Partners Panel game
Channel One Quiz Quiz
Chariot Race Sports
The Charm Offensive
Chart Quiz Radio, themed quiz (pop music)
The Chase Quiz, general knowledge
Chasing Time Action/adventure
Chef V Britain Lifestyle
Chefs and the City Lifestyle
Cheggers Plays Pop Childrens
Child's Play Family game show
Chit for Chat Radio, panel game
Chocolate Childrens
Chris Moyles' Quiz Night Quiz, general knowledge
Cinio Caru Dating
Cirque de Celebrité Reality
Clash Reality, Music
Class Distinction Regional, Quiz (academic)
Class of... Quiz, themed (nostalgia)
Classic Comeback Quiz, themed (television nostalgia)
Classical Star Reality, Variety
Cleas Childrens
Clever Creatures Childrens
The Clever Dick-Athlon Radio panel game
Clever v Stupid Stunt/dare show
Clipjoint Comedy panel game (pop video)
Clockwise Childrens
The Club Reality
Club Cupid Regional (Scotland), Dating
Cluedo Board game conversion
Clutter Nutters Childrens
Coach Trip Lifestyle, reality
Còcaire nan Còcairean Lifestyle
Cock of the Border Variety, regional (Border)
Codex Action/adventure
Codi Canu Music, reality
Coleen's Real Women Lifestyle
The Colour of Money Family game show
Combat Action/adventure
Combat Cars Technological
Come and Have a Go If You Think You're Smart Enough Quiz, general knowledge
Come Dancing Variety
Come Date with Me Lifestyle, dating
Come Dine with Me Lifestyle
The Comedy Quiz Radio panel game
Come Fly with Me Action/adventure
Commando VIP Action Adventure
Commercial Break Quiz, themed (advertising)
Commuter Quiz Puzzle
Compete for the Meat Quiz, general knowledge
Computer Challenge Technological
Concentration Puzzle
The Concert Quiz, general knowledge
The Conch Quiz Radio, panel game (natural history)
Concro'r Cwm Regional (Wales), Childrens
Confessions Stunt/dare show
Connect 4 Childrens
Connections (1) Quiz, general knowledge
Connections (2) Quiz, general knowledge
Connoisseur Quiz, themed (art)
Conquer the Castle Reality, regional (Scotland)
Cookery School Lifestyle
Cooking It Lifestyle
Cool Cube (see: The Satellite Game)
The Cooler Quiz, general knowledge
Copycats Childrens
Côr Cymru Variety, regional (Wales)
Coronation Street: The Big 50 Quiz, themed (soap opera)
Countdown Puzzle
Countdown (music quiz) (see: Pop the Question)
Counterpoint Radio quiz, themed (music)
The Country Game Panel game (rural matters)
Country House Cooking Contest Lifestyle
Crack It Childrens
Crackerjack Childrens
Crafwr Childrens
The Cram Quiz, themed (current affairs)
Crazy Comparisons Panel game
Crazy Cottage Childrens
Crazy Drivers Quiz, themed (motoring)
Crime Team Lifestyle
Crisis Command: Could You Run the Country? Puzzle
Crisis Control Childrens
Criss Cross Quiz Quiz, general knowledge
Cross Combat Childrens
Cross Questioned Radio, panel game
Crosswits Puzzle
Crossword on 2 Puzzle
Cruel Summer et al Stunt/dare show
Crush Childrens
Crush a Grape Childrens
Cryer's Crackers Panel game
Cryptogram Puzzle
The Crystal Maze Action/adventure
The Cube Stunt/dare show
Cuckoo in the Nest Panel game
Cuibhlichean an Fhortain Regional (Scotland), lifestyle
The Culture Club Quiz, themed (arts)
Cwis Cymru Quiz, regional (Wales)
Cwis Meddiant Quiz, themed (sports)
Cwis Pop C2 Themed quiz (pop music)
Cyberzone Action/adventure
Cyfle Byw Phone-in, regional (Wales)
.cym Comedy panel game, regional (Wales)
Cyrraedd y Nod Regional (Wales), Childrens
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