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|[[Five Go Dating]]
|[[Five Go Dating]]
|[[500 Questions]]
|Quiz, general knowledge
|[[Five Minutes to a Fortune]]
|[[Five Minutes to a Fortune]]

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F is for... Format - A description of an entertainment idea. The word traditionally applied to game shows, but is becoming used more and more with other genres such as drama and sitcoms. A devisor creates a paper format when they have expanded their initial idea enough such that a producer could make a rough programme from those details (even if it is not necessarily written down on paper). When the idea is turned into an actual working broadcast programme, it becomes a TV format. Both paper and TV formats can be sold to various companies in the television industry.


Title Genre
The Face Lifestyle, fashion modelling
Face the Clock Quiz, general knowledge
Face the Music Panel game
Fact Hunt Quiz, general knowledge
Fair Deal Panel game, radio
Fair Game Family game show
Faith Off Themed quiz (religion)
Fake Reaction Stunt/dare show
Faking It Reality
False Evidence Panel game, radio
Fame Academy Reality
The Fame Game Talent show
Families at War Family game show
Family Catchphrase Puzzle
Family Cook Off Lifestyle
Family Food Fight Lifestyle
Family Fortunes Family game show
Family Supercooks Lifestyle
Famous and Fearless Sports
Famous People, Famous Places Quiz, themed (people, geography)
The Fanatics Specialist subject quiz
Fanfare for Young Musicians Childrens
Fanorama Quiz, themed (pop culture)
Fan TC Quiz, themed (pop music)
Fantasy Football League Radio, sport
The Farm Reality
Farmer Wants a Wife Dating
A Farmer's Life for Me Reality, lifestyle
Fashion Face Off Lifestyle, regional (Greater Manchester)
Fash's Football Challenge Sports
Fast and Loose Improvisation
Fast Friends Family game show
Fat Chance Reality
Fat Families Reality
The Fear Horror films
Fear Factor Stunt/dare show
Fee Fi Fo Yum Childrens
Festival of British Popular Songs Variety
Fferm Ffactor Competitive farming, regional (Wales)
Fifteen-to-One Quiz, general knowledge
50/50 Quiz (kids)
The Fight Sports
FightBox Technological
Fighting Talk Sports
Fight School Sports
Film Buff of the Year Quiz, themed (films)
Find Me the Face Lifestyle
Find the Link Panel game
Finders Keepers (1) Childrens
Finders Keepers (2) Childrens
First Class Childrens
First Class Chefs Cookery, children
First Cut Music, regional (West of England)
First Dance Lifestyle, variety, regional (Scotland)
First Impressions (1) Panel game, television
First Impressions (2) Comedy panel game, radio
First Letter First Quiz, general knowledge
First Past the Post Reality, political
The Fishing Race Sports, lifestyle
Fist of Zen Stunt/dare show
Fit to Win Regional (South) quiz
Fit for a Change Reality, health, regional (Wales)
Five Go Dating Dating
500 Questions Quiz, general knowledge
Five Minutes to a Fortune Mental agility
Five Star Family Reunion General knowledge quiz
The Fizzy Quiz Show Comedy panel game (British Asian culture)
Flash in the Pan Lifestyle
Flatmates (1) Stunt/dare show
Flatmates (2) Lifestyle
Flockstars Animal herding
Fluke Puzzle
Flux Stunt/dare show
Flying Start (1) Business
Flying Start (2) Action/adventure
Follow Your Nose Childrens
Fonn Fonn Fonn Panel game, music
Food and Drink Summer/Christmas Quiz Quiz, themed (food)
Food Fight Quiz, themed (food)
Food Glorious Food Lifestyle
Food Poker Lifestyle
The Food Quiz Radio quiz, themed (food)
Food Tour of Britain Lifestyle
Fool Around... Reality
Foot in the Door Lifestyle
Football Icon Sports
Football's Next Star Sports
Forces Chance Quiz, general knowledge
For Love or Money Family game show
For What It's Worth Specialist quiz (antiques)
Fort Boyard Action/adventure
For the Rest of Your Life Family game show
Fortune: Million Pound Giveaway Decision Making
FOT Childrens
Foul Play Radio panel game
Four in a Bed Lifestyle
Four Rooms Antiques selling
Four Square Quiz, general knowledge/Puzzle
Four 21st Birthday Parties Lifestyle
Four Weddings Lifestyle
Frank Sinatra Our Way Variety
The Freddie Starr Showcase Variety
Free Spin Radio, phone-in, themed (music)
Freeze Out Quiz / sport (curling)
French Collection Lifestyle
Friday Island Childrens
The Friday Show Quiz, general knowledge, regional (Northern Ireland)
Friends Like These Family game show
Friends or Lovers
Full Marks Childrens
Full Metal Challenge Technological
Full Score Radio, panel game (music)
Full Swing Sports
Fully Booked Children's
Fun and Games Educational
Fun House Childrens
Funny Business Comedy, Reality
Funny Peculiar Radio, panel game
Funny You Should Ask (1) Regional (West), Panel Game
Funny You Should Ask (2) Radio, panel game
Funz & Gamez Variety
The Fuse Quiz, general knowledge
Futurecooks Childrens
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