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|[[Hotel Getaway]]
|[[Hot Gossip]]
|[[Hot Gossip]]
|Quiz, themed (celebrity)
|Quiz, themed (celebrity)
|[[Hot Like Us]]
|[[Hot Property]]
|[[Hot Property]]
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|[[Hot Tub Ranking]]
|[[Hot Tub Ranking]]
|[[Hotel Getaway]]

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H is for... Have I Got News For You - The programme title does not officially have a question mark. Guest presenters of HIGNFY have included William Hague, Charlotte Church, Jeremy Clarkson, Greg Dyke and Des Lynam.


Title Genre
h&p@bbc. Stunt/dare show
The Hairy Bikers' Cook Off Lifestyle
The Hairy Bikers' Food Tour of Britain Lifestyle
Hang On! Childrens
Hannah-Oke Childrens
Happy Families Family game show
Hard Sell Business
Hard Spell Childrens
Hard Spell Abbey Childrens
Harry Potter at the Castle Quiz, themed (Harry Potter)
The Haunted Dungeon (Ghost Train on Sunday) Childrens
Have a Go Radio, quiz (general knowledge)
Have I Got Buzzcocks All Over Comedy panel game
Have I Got News for You Comedy panel game (news)
Head 2 Head Childrens
Heads or Tails Decision Making
Headjam Quiz, themed (pop culture)
Headline Challenge Panel game, news
Headliners Panel game
The Heat is On (1) Lifestyle
The Heat is On (2)
Hear Hear - The Quiz of the Year Quiz, themed (recent events)
Heaven and Hell Live! Technological
Heaven Knows Quiz, themed (religion)
Helfa Drysor Action/adventure
Hell's Kitchen Reality
Help! Teach is Coming to Stay Childrens
Hercules Action/adventure
Here Comes the Sun Family game show
Herio'r Ddraig Children's, Regional (Wales)
The Heritage Game Quiz, themed (antiques)
The Heritage Quiz Radio quiz, themed (history)
He Said, She Said Family game show
Hi-Score Technological
Hidden Treasures Radio quiz, themed (antiques)
Hider in the House Childrens
High Stakes Quiz, general knowledge
High Tackle Sport, regional (Wales)
Bill Oddie's History Hunt Educational
History Hunters Local history, regional (Wales)
Hitman Family game show
Hit Me Baby One More Time Variety
Hit the Limit Quiz, general knowledge
Hit the Road Action/adventure
Hit the Town Regional (Midlands) quiz, themed (entertainment)
Hoax! Panel game, radio
Hobby Horse Childrens
Hoe Down Lifestyle
Hold Tight Childrens
Hold Your Plums Radio, comedy
Holding Out for a Hero Quiz, general knowledge
Hole in the Wall Stunt/dare show
Holiday of a Lifetime Quiz, themed (travel)
Holiday Quiz Quiz, themed (travel)
Hollol Bananas Quiz, general knowledge
Hollywood or Bust Variety
Holy Quiz Quiz, themed (religion)
Home Grown Talent, regional (South of England)
Home Run Regional (Midlands) quiz
Home Truths (1)
Home Truths (2) Regional (London) quiz, general knowledge
Home Values Lifestyle
The Honey Trap Stunt/dare show
Hooked! Sport
Hot Gossip Quiz, themed (celebrity)
Hot Like Us Reality
Hot Property Lifestyle
Hot Pursuits Action-adventure, regional (Northern Ireland)
Hot Rods Childrens
Hot Tub Ranking Reality
Hotel Getaway Reality
House Gift Lifestyle
House Guest Lifestyle
House Hunters Quiz, themed (consumer)
Housemates Quiz, general knowledge
House of Astonishment Variety
House of Games (1) Family game show
House of Games (2) Puzzle
House of the Year Lifestyle, regional (Northern Ireland)
House Price Challenge Lifestyle
House Race Lifestyle
House Sitters Reality
How Dare You! Children's
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? Variety, reality
How Right Can You Be? Quiz, themed (film)
Humdingers Quiz, themed (music)
£100 Word
Hunt the Pie Quiz, childrens, regional
Husband of the Year Dating show
Hymn For Britain Religion
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