Index K

K is for... Klaxon - Harsh-sounding buzzer which indicates the end of a playing period or an incorrect answer.


Title Genre
Karaoke Challenge Variety
Kathy's Quiz Childrens
Keep It in the Family (1) Quiz, general knowledge
Keep It in the Family (2) Quiz, general knowledge
Keeping Up with the Joneses Lifestyle
Keep Your Enemies Close Childrens
Keep Your Hair On Childrens
Kerwhizz Childrens
Keynotes Quiz, themed (music)
A Kick in the Ballots Panel game
Kick Off Quiz Quiz, themed (sports)
Kick Start Sports
Kicked into Touch Regional (South) general knowledge/themed quiz (sports)
The Kids Are All Right Quiz, general knowledge
The King is Dead Comedy panel game
King of the Castle Quiz, general knowledge
King Stupid Radio, comedy panel game
Kings of Comedy Reality
Kitchen Burnout Reality
Kitchen Criminals Lifestyle, reality
Kitchen Showdown Lifestyle
Kitchen Sink to Catwalk Reality
Kitchen Wars Reality
Knightmare Childrens
Knock Knock Childrens
The Knockout Quiz Childrens
Knock Your Block Off Childrens
Know Your Onions Panel game
Know Your Partner Family game show
Know Your Place Regional (Midlands) quiz
Knowitalls Specialist subjects quiz
The Krypton Factor Action/adventure
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