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[[Nigel Lythgoe|Lythgoe, Nigel]]
[[Nigel Lythgoe|Lythgoe, Nigel]]
<big><big>L is for...</big></big>
<pick>'''Licensing''' - Allowing an intellectual property to be used by a third party in return for a licence fee. For example, a format and its associated trademarks could be licensed to a corporate entertainment firm for team-building events.</pick>
<pick>'''Lifestyle format''' - A format that uses a common hobby or lifestyle activity as its main subject matter.</pick>
<pick>'''Light entertainment''' - Department within a television company that deals with generally humorous, feel-good entertainment (as opposed to dramatic entertainment). As well as quiz shows and game shows, light entertainment also embraces sitcoms, sketch comedy, music, animation and sometimes factual entertainment.</pick>
<pick>'''Live show'' - A programme that is transmitted to the nation within seconds of the images being captured by the cameras. Most live shows are very risky due to the large number of things that can go wrong in making a television programme. Therefore, most live shows are very simple, thoroughly rehearsed or interspersed with segments that were filmed and edited beforehand.</pick>
<pick>'''Lock out''' - The electronics mechanism in a buzzer system that disables the other buzzers once the first contestant has pressed their signalling button.
<pick>'''Locked-off''' - A camera shot where the camera angle remains fixed in a given position. This can enable clever techniques that require picture synchronisation such as virtual reality graphics.</pick>
<pick>'''Lose a Million''' - Ironically, Lose a Million was presented by one Chris Tarrant. He went on to present a game that had a prize of £1 million (oh, you knew that?)</pick>
<pick>'''Lottery''' - A game where luck forms a major part in deciding the outcome. Most lotteries are regulated by the national government, who take a cut of the proceeds in taxes. Viewer phone-in competitions must contain some element of skill if they are to avoid being classified as a lottery. In most countries, contestants cannot pay to play a game since that would also classify it as a lottery.</pick>
== Shows ==
== Shows ==

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L is for... Lose a Million - Ironically, Lose a Million was presented by one Chris Tarrant. He went on to present a game that had a prize of £1 million (oh, you knew that?)


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