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|Panel game
|Panel game
|[[Leave Your Name and Number]]
|Radio, Panel game

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L is for... Lose a Million - Ironically, Lose a Million was presented by one Chris Tarrant. He went on to present a game that had a prize of £1 million (oh, you knew that?)


Title Genre
Lab Rats
Ladette to Lady Lifestyle, reality
Last Chance Lottery Stunt/dare show
The Late Late Breakfast Show Stunt/dare show
Late Night Poker Sports
Late Night Poker Ace Sports
Laughlines Panel game
Liar Panel game
Lie Detector
Life's a Punt Lifestyle
Lingo Puzzle
Little Monsters Stunt/dare show
The Look of Lurve
Looks Familiar Panel game
Look Sharp!
Lose a Million Family game show
Lost Action/adventure show
Love at First Sight Dating
Love Bites Family game show, dating show
Love Match UK Dating
Love Me Do Dating
Love Me, Love Me Not
Loves Like a Dog Panel game
Love on a Saturday Night Dating
Lucky Ladders Puzzle
Lucky Numbers (1) Family game show
Lucky Numbers (2) Quiz, general knowledge
Lucky 13 Radio, Quiz, general knowledge
The Lyrics Game Panel game
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