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[[Timmy Mallett|Mallett, Timmy]]
[[Timmy Mallett|Mallett, Timmy]]
[[Chris Manley|Manley, Chris]]
[[Peter Marshall|Marshall, Peter]]
[[Peter Marshall|Marshall, Peter]]

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M is for... Model - Similar to a hostess, except that a model demonstrates prizes and does not have a prominent speaking role. Since the 1980s, some shows have used male models. They are also jokingly referred to as “elbow grabbers”, given their penchant for escorting contestants on and off stage by taking the contestant's elbow.


Title Genre
The Machine Quiz, general knowledge
Mad for It Childrens
Magic Micro Mission
The Main Event Family game show
Make Me a Million Reality
Make Me a Supermodel Reality
Make Me Laugh Comedy panel game
Make My Day Stunt/dare show
Make Up Your Mind Quiz, themed (consumer)
Making It Reality, childrens
Making Your Mind Up Variety
Mallett's Mallet (see: Wide Awake Club)
Man O Man Family game show
Man Versus Beast Stunt/dare show
Many a Slip Radio, panel game
Mas O'Na Regional (Wales) quiz
Masterbrain Radio, Quiz, general knowledge
Masterchef Lifestyle
Masterchef Goes Large Lifestyle
The Master Game Sports (chess)
Mastermind Quiz, general knowledge
Masters of Combat Sports
The Masterspy Action/adventure
Masterteam (1) Quiz, general knowledge
Masterteam (2) (radio) Quiz, general knowledge
The Match Reality
Matchpoint Quiz, general knowledge
Maths Mansion Educational
A Matter of Fact Regional (East of England) quiz
Mechannibals Technological
Mechanoids Technological
Meet the Challenge Lifestyle
Memory Bank Puzzle
Mental! - The Music Quiz Quiz, themed (music)
Mercenaries Technological
Mesmerized Stunt/dare show
Midas Touch Family game show
Mighty Truck of Stuff Childrens
Mike's Secret Mike Radio panel game
Millionaire Manor Family game show
Million Pound Hoax Reality
Mind Games (1) Interactive, puzzle
Mind Games (2) Panel game, puzzle
Mind the Gap Quiz, general knowledge
Mind Your Manners Lifestyle
The Mint Puzzle
Missed Demeanours Radio panel game
Mission Improbable Variety
Mission: Paintball Action/adventure
Mixing It Lifestyle
Mock the Week Comedy panel game
Model Behaviour Reality
The Mole Action/adventure
The Moment of Truth Family game show
Monkey Business (1) Panel game
Monkey Business (2) Puzzle
Monkhouse's Memory Masters Quiz, themed (memory)
Moneyspinners Lifestyle
Money Unlimited: The Touch Educational
Monster Garage Technological
Mother Knows Best
Motormouth (Mousetrap) Childrens
Mouthtrap Quiz, general knowledge
Move on Up Quiz, general knowledge
The Movie Game Childrens
The Movie Quiz Quiz, films
MPs' Christmas Quiz Regional, panel game
Mr and Mrs Dating show
Mr Right Reality
Mum's the Word
The Murder Game Puzzle
Murder Weekend
Music Match
Musical Bee Panel game
The Music Game Quiz, themed (music)
Mutant Machines Technological
(Michael Barrymore's) My Kind of Music Quiz, themed (music)
My Music Panel game
My New Best Friend Stunt/dare show
Mystic Challenge Lifestyle
My Wildest Dream Panel game, radio
My Word! Radio panel game
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