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|[[Off By Heart]]
|[[Off By Heart]]
|Variety, recital
|Variety, recital
|[[Off the Cuff]]
|Radio, panel game (music)
|[[Office Monkey]]
|[[Office Monkey]]

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O is for... Outside broadcast - (For short: O/B) A piece of television action which takes place outside of a studio. O/B vehicles are primarily designed for live shows since they have the necessary satellite dishes and other communication links needed to beam back the signals to the main studio.


Title Genre
The Object in Question Panel game
Oblivious Quiz, general knowledge
Oci Oci Oci! Quiz / darts, regional (Wales)
Odd One In Comedy panel game
Odd One Out Quiz, general knowledge
O Dro I Dro Regional (Wales) quiz
Off By Heart Variety, recital
Off the Cuff Radio, panel game (music)
Office Monkey Stunt/dare show
Oh, For a Dictionary Radio, themed quiz (spelling and definitions)
Oh Yes It Is, Oh No It Isn't Variety (pantomimes), radio, regional (Scotland)
Old Flames Dating
The Olympic Game Sports
Once Upon a Time Panel game
The One and Only Variety
One False Move Quiz, general knowledge
O Fan i Fan Adventure, regional (Wales)
On Cue Radio, Panel game
100 Grand in 100 Minutes Radio, Lifestyle
101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow Family game show
100% Quiz, general knowledge
One Hundred and Eighty Sports
One Man and His Dog Lifestyle
One Minute Please Panel game, Radio
One of the Family Panel game
One Night Only Comedy panel game, radio
1001 Things You Should Know Quiz, general knowledge
1000 to 1 Children's
One to Win (1) Quiz, general knowledge
One to Win (2) Quiz, general knowledge
1-2-3 Click Panel game
1 vs 100 Quiz, general knowledge
Only Connect (1) Radio, panel game
Only Connect (2) Puzzle
Only Fools On Horses Sport, Reality
On Safari (1) Family game show
On Safari (2) Childrens
On Stage Themed quiz (theatre), radio
On the Air Themed quiz (nostalgia), radio
On The Ball Sport, regional (North West England)
On the Spot (1) Quiz, general knowledge
On the Spot (2) Educational
On the Spot (3) Sport, childrens
On Your Marks Quiz, academic
Oops! Panel game
Opera Quiz Radio, themed quiz (opera)
Operatunity Variety
Opportunity Knocks Variety
Orange UnsignedAct Variety, reality
Ordinary People Regional (South West) quiz
The Other Boat Race Sports
The Other Half Dating show
Our Survey Said Documentary
Out of Order Radio quiz, themed (politics)
Out of the Box Quiz, themed (television)
Out on a Limb Quiz, themed (celebrity)
Over the Rainbow Variety, reality
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