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[[Melanie Sykes|Sykes, Melanie]]
[[Melanie Sykes|Sykes, Melanie]]
<big><big>S is for...</big></big>
<pick>'''Sale of the Century''' - An all-out strike at the BBC on 22nd December 1978 meant that 21.2 million viewers watched [[Sale of the Century]], the highest ever rating for a game show.</pick>
<pick>'''Score''' - A number or quantity which helps to indicate which contestant is performing the best.</pick>
<pick>'''Scoreboard''' - A mechanical or computer-generated table which displays the score of each participant. It is a useful way of summarising the current game position.</pick>
<pick>'''Scrabble''' - There have been two separate Scrabble formats: [[TV Scrabble]] and [[Television Scrabble]].</pick>
<pick>'''Segue''' - A small musical interlude – possibly with additional graphics – that links two parts of the show (e.g. between rounds).</pick>
<pick>'''Set''' - The physical decoration and structure that provides additional visual interest to compliment the basic objects and people required for the programme. Some pioneering game shows have started to use virtual sets that are generated by computer graphics but, from the point of view of someone in the studio, don't actually exist.</pick>
<pick>'''Shut out''' - A situation where the game becomes pointless because the eventual outcome cannot change. For example, in the end game for [[Jeopardy!]], the situation becomes a shut out when the leader has more than double his nearest opponent's score (unless s/he bids recklessly).</pick>
<pick>'''Speed-up round''' - (Also: quick-fire round) The few minutes before the end of the game where the pace is greatly increased. This has the effect of distorting the distribution of points, making the eventual outcome harder to predict until near the end of the episode.</pick>
<pick>'''Stakeholding''' - Giving the viewer a reason to care about the result by providing a contestant which they can sympathise with. Viewers like to support the underdog, the person they like most, or the contestant that is most like them.
<pick>'''Sting''' - A short musical jingle or sound effect played to emphasise a change in the action.</pick>
<pick>'''Stooge''' - Comic actor – often portraying a fictional character – used to provide extra moments of entertainment. They will appear for a few minutes on one episode to act out a well-rehearsed skit with the host.</pick>
<pick>'''Stop tape''' - A break in recording to allow set changes or other alterations which cannot be done in real time. In many versions of [[Who Wants to be a Millionaire]], a stop tape occurs while the computer console is moved in and out of the studio.</pick>
<pick>'''Straddle''' - A game that cannot be finished in the current episode and so is continued on the next.</pick>
<pick>'''Stripped''' - Describes a show that appears at a regular time, particularly every weekday.</pick>
<pick>'''Sudden death''' - A game situation where a correct or incorrect response by any contestant will decide the result. It can be used to decide the result of a match which is in danger of going on for too long.</pick>
<pick>'''Supplementary question'' - Bonus question given as a reward for answering a toss-up question. It is possible – but not necessary – for the supplementary to ask for related or more detailed information about the topic covered in the toss-up.</pick>
<pick>'''Swerve''' - A question that seems to be asking for one answer then deviates unexpectedly at the end to a different one. For example: £The currency of Egypt is the pound... but how many ounces are there in a pound of weight?£ Though unfair, it can guard against experienced quiz players from trying too many interruptions.</pick>
== Shows ==
== Shows ==

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S is for... Score - A number or quantity which helps to indicate which contestant is performing the best.


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The Sack Race Stunt/dare show
Saints and Scholars Panel game
The Saints Went Marching Out Regional quiz (Anglia)
Sale of the Century Quiz, general knowledge
SAS: Are You Tough Enough? Action/adventure
The Satellite Game Childrens
Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway Variety
Say the Word Puzzle
Scary Sleepover Childrens
Scavenger Hunt Action adventure
Scavengers Action/adventure
Schools Challenge Quiz, academic
School's Out Comedy panel game
Scoop Panel game
Scotland v England Comedy panel game
Scrapheap Challenge Technological
Scream! If You Want to Get Off Action/adventure
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Search for a Star Variety
Second Guess Family game show
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See Hear on Saturday Quiz Quiz, general knowledge
See it, Saw it Childrens
The Sensible Show Family game show
Sex Bomb Dating
Shafted Quiz, general knowledge
The Shane Richie Experience Dating
Shattered Reality
Shammy Dab Regional (Grampian) comedy panel
The Shiny Show Childrens (preschool)
Shipwrecked Reality
Shooting Stars Comedy panel game
Show Me Panel game
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Showbiz Poker Poker
Sick as a Parrot Sports
Simply Complicated Technological
Simply the Best Stunt/dare show
Simply Irresistible
The Simpsons Quiz Show Quiz, themed (The Simpsons)
Sing a Song of Sixpence
Sion a Sian Dating show
Singled Out Dating show
Sitcom Showdown Quiz, themed (sitcoms)
Sixth Form Challenge Quiz, academic
The 64,000 Challenge Quiz, specialist subjects
The 64,000 Question Quiz, specialist subjects
The $64,000 Question Quiz, specialist subjects
Skull (Ghost Train) Childrens
Sky Quiz Live Puzzle
Sky Runners Action/adventure
Sky Star Search Variety
The Sky's the Limit Quiz, general knowledge
Slap Bang Family Game show
A Slice of the Action Lifestyle
Small Talk Family game show
Snap! Regional (Scotland) quiz, general knowledge
Soap Addicts Quiz, themed (soap operas)
Soapstar Superstar Variety
Someone's Going to be a Millionaire (TFI Friday) Family game show
Something for the Weekend Quiz, themed (sex)
A Song for Europe Variety
Sounds Like London Regional (London) quiz, themed (music)
Sounds Like Music Quiz, themed (musicals)
So You Think...? Quiz, themed (various)
So You Want to be Top? Childrens
Space Cadets (1) Comedy panel game (sci-fi)
Space Cadets (2) Action/adventure, reality
Speculate Family game show
Spellbound (1) Puzzle
Spellbound (2) Childrens
Spelling Bee (1) Panel game
Spelling Bee (2) Quiz, themed (spelling)
Splash Camp Childrens, sports
Split Second Quiz, general knowledge
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Sporting Chance Sports
Sporting Triangles Sports
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Sports Family of the Year Sports
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Spy Reality
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Square One Quiz, general knowledge
Stake Out Quiz, general knowledge
Starfinder Childrens
Star Games Sports
Star Kids Childrens
Star Pets Childrens
Star Portraits Lifestyle
Star Quality Variety
Star Spell Childrens
Star Town Variety
Star Turn Childrens, Panel game
Star Turn Challenge Childrens, Panel game
Starstrider Childrens
Stars in Fast Cars Stunt/dare show
Stars in Their Eyes Variety
Stash Quiz, general knowledge
State Your Case Lifestyle
The Staying-In Show Quiz, themed (sex)
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The Sports Quiz with Steve Davis Quiz, themed (sport)
The Steve Jones Games Show Quiz hour
Sticky Moments Variety
The Stocks and Shares Show Educational
Stop the Press Quiz, general knowledge
Street Cred Sudoku Puzzle
Streetmate Dating show
Strictly Come Dancing Variety
Strictly Dance Fever Variety
Strike it Lucky Family game show
Strike it Rich Family game show
Strip Masterbrain Quiz, general knowledge
Strip Search Reality
Stuart's Hall of Fame Variety
Stunt Challenge
Stupid Punts Panel game
Style Counsel Lifestyle
Sub Zero Childrens
(Vorderman's) Sudoku Live Puzzle
Sudo-Q Puzzle
The Sunday Quiz Quiz, themed (religion)
Sun, Sea and Bargain Spotting Lifestyle
Superchamps Childrens
Superchefs Lifestyle
Superdogs Sports
Superhuman Action/Adventure
Supermarket Sneak (Saturday Showdown) Childrens
Supermarket Sweep Lifestyle
Supermind Quiz, general knowledge
Superscot Quiz, themed (Scotland)
(The) Superstars Sports
The Superteams Sports
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System 93 Childrens
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