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|[[Your Kids are in Charge]]
|[[Your Kids are in Charge]]
|Family game show
|Family game show
|[[You Name It]]
|Quiz, regional (South West England)
|[[Your Number Please]]
|[[Your Number Please]]

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Y is for... Youdale - Diane Youdale was the name of the athlete who played Jet in Gladiators. She went on to co-host You Bet!


Title Genre
Yakity Yak Panel game
The Year In Question (1) Radio panel game
The Year In Question (2) Radio quiz
The Yes/No Gameshow Stunt/dare show
You Asked For It Radio, comedy panel game
You Bet! Stunt/dare show
You Can't Lose Quiz, general knowledge
You Don't Say Puzzle
You Know You Want It Regional (London) quiz, local knowledge
You Must be Joking Comedy panel game
You Should be So Lucky! Childrens
You'd Better Believe It Showbiz, regional (Northern Scotland)
Young Krypton Childrens
Young Driver of the Year Sports
Young Musician of Wales Variety, regional (Wales)
Young Musician of the Year Variety
Young Scientists of the Year Technological
Your Best Shot Stunt/dare show
Your Country Needs You Quiz, interactive
You're Talking Absolute Football Quiz, themed (football)
Your Face or Mine? Decision making
Your Move Board game conversion
Your Kids are in Charge Family game show
You Name It Quiz, regional (South West England)
Your Number Please Quiz, general knowledge
Your Number's Up Quiz, general knowledge
Your Turn Regional (Northern Ireland) quiz, general knowledge
You've Been Framed! Variety
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