Inside Clyde

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== Broadcast ==
== Broadcast ==
Talent TV for Disney, 22 January to ? 2004
Talent TV for Disney, January to ? 2004

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Tony Hawks


Jim Campbell as Clyde


Talent TV for Disney, January to ? 2004


To be completed


Mark Robson


File:Insideclyde_brain.jpgInside the brain. Lots of empty space, you'll notice.
File:Insideclyde_ear.jpgThe ear contains a version of the drogna game, as every GCSE biology student knows.
File:Insideclyde_ear2.jpgThe team play a game of (optic) nerves.
File:Insideclyde_eye.jpgLook, I'm inside.
File:Insideclyde_eye2.jpgPressure builds up behind the eyeball.
File:Insideclyde_eye3.jpgThere's light in the eye.
File:Insideclyde_profclyde.jpgOf course it's safe. I saw it in a movie once.
File:Insideclyde_profclyde2.jpgThe prof and his "patient"
File:Insideclyde_profclyde3.jpgProf Hawks with the same "patient"
File:Insideclyde_profclyde4.jpgAs John Fashanu would say "Focus!"
File:Insideclyde_stomach.jpgIn the stomach. Clyde clearly doesn't chew his food properly.


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