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== Broadcast ==
== Broadcast ==
ITV, 1989
TVS for ITV, 1989
== Synopsis ==
== Synopsis ==

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Steve Johnson


TVS for ITV, 1989


The game segment for Saturday morning kids show Motormouth. Actually, segments really as the game was played six or seven times a show.

The show was set up in a dungeon and it was played by four teams of two kids. One half of each pair would sit on a gantry, the other half would be the unwilling victims of torture. Well not really, but this eight year old writer was terrified of it at the time!

Johnson asked the kids questions alternately between the kids on the gantry and kids facing torture. These were first on the buzzer questions, and the first one to buzz in had their team colour boomed out from on high. If they got it correct then all the other kids moved one step closer to "torture" - the giant fist would lower, the conveyor belt would move one step closer to the crushing machine, the vat with the kid trapped inside would fill up with custard, whatever. If you buzzed and got it wrong, you moved yourself closer to oblivion. After a certain amount of losses the kid would be eliminated, possibly put in the dark, we don't remember. The last team left standing got to play a silly Mr and Mrs type game involving some stocks for some sort of prize.

The final It's Torture segment of each show would be entitled Gunge 'Em In The Dungeon. This worked a bit differently, there were four teams of kids again but one team member held a grudge against the other and wanted to gunge them. Again, questions alternated between team members on the buzzers, and each team had a certain amount of "weights". Correct or wrong answers meant taking or losing weights from other people or from the game, but if a team lost all of their weights than one team member does get their revenge after all, their partner gets dirty and they're eliminated from the game. The last one standing won a prize. If anyone can improve on these details then please get in contact.

Halfway through Motormouth 's run the producers changed tack, dropping It's Torture and promoting a highly modified Gunge 'Em In The Dungeon to full-time status. This began with two teams of four in two cages and buckets of gunge in the middle. Johnson asked buzz in questions, a correct answer meant earning one of two keys to open their cage. Opening their cage meant they could chuck the gunge at the kids in the other cage, and they all moved onto part two.

In part two the team now played against each other. Typically they would see a bunch of objects go past on a conveyor belt. Afterwards, Johnson pulled a big lever and the Hand of Gunge would randomly stop above one of the kids. If they could name one of the things from the belt, the hand would move on to the next person, and this would continue until somebody repeated an item, said something that wasn't there or ran out of time (this was usually accompanied by a The Moment of Truth style ticking clock and Johnson saying "The clock's on you!"). You can probably guess what happens then. The remaining kids would get a new list, and the game would repeat until there was one winner who won... something.

Gunge 'Em In The Dungeon had some brilliant sound effects. That is all.

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