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The title translates as ''Jackpot''.
The title translates as ''Jackpot''.
Returned to its weeknight slot as part of S4C's ''Aur'' strand in January 2009.
Returned to its weeknight slot as part of S4C's ''Aur'' strand in January 2010.
== Catchphrase ==
== Catchphrase ==

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Kevin Davies


Agenda TV for S4C, 2 August 1993 to 16 September 1999?


Popular nightly quiz show with varying cash prizes of £5,000 to £10,000 on offer. A contestant (known in this case as a 'Banker') chose one person from a panel of fifteen who asked questions in rhyme with varying cash amounts, but one of these panelists said Jacpot, meaning that if they answered their question correct, the panelist and the banker would go on to play for the big cash prize. The Jacpot question could only be asked after five ordinary questions (worth £50 each) but each question answered after the Jacpot had been found was worth £100. An incorrect answer meant that the player asking and the Banker swapped places.

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The show was a Welsh version of the popular 1980s US game show Jackpot.


The title translates as Jackpot.

Returned to its weeknight slot as part of S4C's Aur strand in January 2010.




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